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My husband and I signed up to hypnobirthing classes without really having a very clear understanding of what they were all about. I was really nervous about the birth and neither of us had much experience of babies or pregnancy. I saw Lauren's course advertised in the Horton and contacted her. From that moment we knew we had made a great choice. Lauren could not have been more accommodating in getting us signed up to a course that suited us (even though I had left signing up a little late into pregnancy). She delivered the course in our home at times that suited us. Lauren was totally fantastic. She is friendly, approachable and really set us at ease. She is also very knowledgeable, not just about hypnobirthing but as a midwife she was also able (and very willing) to answer any baby related questions we had. Lauren offers so much more that hypnobirthing, it really is a full antenatal course that she provides.
The hypnobirthing course has left both my husband and myself feeling informed about what we are facing during and after the birth. It has provided us with many tools to help us cope with the birth and allowed me to feel much more confident that I can do it and removed the anxiety I felt about the limited pain relief offered in a midwife led unit. We would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing and cannot think of a better teacher than Lauren

Clare D

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My husband an I chose the route of hypnobirthing because our first experience of child birth was more than traumatic, and painful would be an understatement! Doing the classes with Lauren has been both amazing and eye opening. Not only did it help me stay calm and comfortable during pregnancy as my pregnancy was not straight forward and I had many hurdles and barriers to deal with and over come but the birth was a dream! I highly recommend Lauren and her hypnobirthing, best thing we done!

Alex A


​"Not only did we feel prepared for every eventuality, but the breathing techniques and the bond that Andy and I had established were what got me through a rushed labour"

Nikki N

​"Because of my previous fears of birth, I remain somewhat mystified that I had such a positive, natural, uncomplicated and pain free home birth. I already know I will do it all again in the future using the Hypnobirthing approach"

Kirsty P

"My husband (who has a terrible fear of hospitals) also found the course incredibly helpful and empowering. Initially he feared he would not be able to be there with me during labour, but having done the course, he was the most supportive , encouraging and calm birth partner I could have hoped for"

Claire B

I'm expecting to become a first time Mum. Motherhood was never really been on the radar for me, so from the moment I found out I felt extremely anxious about the road ahead. Nearly every mother I knew (including my own) seemed to have traumatic birth experiences, and I didn't believe my experience could or would be any different.

Having just finished my hypnobirth classes with Lauren, I can honestly say I'm no longer anxious about the prospect of bringing my baby into this world, rather more excited and empowered and also very much looking forward to the day I can hold this little one in my arms.

The techniques Lauren has shared with me don't just serve to calm me through the birth process, they can easily be applied to any situation in life where I might feel some form of anxiety or pain. I feel educated and informed about the choices ahead of me. I feel prepared to cope no matter what direction my birth might take.

As well as being a trained midwife, Lauren's passion for people (women in particular) shines through. She is incredibly supportive and having had one of her own children using hypnobirth techniques, she can share her own experiences. I found it very comforting to know the person training me had been through this herself. Lauren appreciates all women have their differences and gives direction based on what's likely to be best for you.

I can't recommend or thank her enough for all her help and support. If you're reading this, book now! You will not be disappointed.

​Yvette E

My partner and I were eager to attend a hypnobirthing course after some friends had a positive experience using the technique. After a google search for courses in the area I found Tranquil Births. The course includes information about the mechanics of birth as well as combining NLP techniques with hypnosis to de-medicalise the birth experience and enable you to remain relaxed no matter how your birth goes. Lauren is also a midwife, so she's confident and knowledgeable in all aspects of the course. She is passionate about enabling more women to have a positive and natural birth experience.

I was unsure about having a home birth until Lauren encouraged me in this. In the end my baby was born at home in a birth pool after a short labour. In particular the techniques for the second stage were really helpful and the whole experience was very instinctive. I would recommend Lauren's hypnobirthing course to all expectant mums & dads!

Eileen O

Lauren was an absolute star and I think everyone should look into the principles that hypnobirthing practices. I feel totally relaxed and excited about the birth of our first little boy any day now!

Emma S

I can not recommend Lauren highly enough - she's amazing!
Before our classes I was excited about having a baby and I thought of giving birth as just a horrendously painful experience that had to be gone through and my husbsnd was just bodily unaware.
Having had classes with Lauren my mindset was completely changed into seeing giving birth as a completely positive experience to be looked forward to and cherished! The classes completely prepared my husband who supported me incredibly before, during and after the birth.
Although my birth didn't go as I had initially wanted it to and I ended up having a caesarean, the hypnobirthing techniques allowed me to stay relaxed and in control throughout the whole day. Having Lauren there when he was born as the midwife was the icing on the cake!
Thank you Lauren!! Xx

Ella P