Hypnobirthing teaches women and their birth companions, the technique of deep relaxation and calm. This technique provides a woman with the tools and

confidence that allow her to birth naturally, by calling on her own natural birthing instincts. Hypnobirthing therefore allows women to experience a much more comfortable, enjoyable and natural birthing experience.

​Hypnobirth will transform the way you think about birth. It will give you a greater understanding of how the body works in labour and turn birth partners into fantastic, skilled birth supporters.

Birthing Calmly and Comfortably in Confidence

​​​​Founded by Specialist Midwife Teri Gavin-Jones and Hypnotherapist Sandra Hanford, the HypnobirthMidwivesUK.method of hypnobirthing is unique, in that it is the only Hypnobirthing course taught solely by midwives who understand the challenges of bringing Hypnobirthing into an NHS environment.

Tranquil Births Hypnobirthing  

brings a collaboration between midwifery and tried and tested hypnotherapy techniques. 

Using expert knowledge within these two fields, Tranquil Births are able to offer woman and their birth partners the gold standard of Hypnobirthing education. 


Tranquil Births​

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Our Unique Method

Why Choo​se Hypnobirth?

Tranquil Births Hypnobirthing, uses midwifery expertise and knowledge partnered with hypnosis/NLP to offer a comprehensive and complete antenatal program