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A little bit about me...

Following the birth of my two daughters, it was quite clear what my vocation in life was going to be.

My personal experiences of childbirth led me to believe that every woman deserves the right to be empowered and to be in control of her birthing body rather than surrendering her mind and body the moment she walks through the hospital door...... And so I began my four year journey studying to become a qualified midwife.

It was during my midwifery training that I had the privilege to care for women that used Hypnobirthing. Following their births I was left feeling in awe of both the women and their birth companions, as I witnessed how calm, comfortable and confident they were during their birthing experiences. 
 This led to a passion for Hypnobirthing and I soon became a qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

​In August 2016 I was given the perfect opportunity to apply the invaluable tools and techniques that hypnobirthing brings to my own birthing experience. The memories of that experience will be cherished forever. Unlike my previous births, I was calm, comfortable and confident that I could call upon my natural birthing instincts and I did just that.

 I gave birth in a birthing pool in the comfort of my own home and it was such a euphoric and empowering experience. 
I feel very passionate that every woman deserves the right to feel empowered and confident in birthing her baby.

My Hypnobirthing classes will provide women and their birthing companions with the tools and techniques to be able to birth without fear, whilst trusting their natural instincts, feeling calm, comfortable and confident that they are in control of their birthing bodies. 


Lauren Lahart
​Registered Midwife &
Accredited Hypnobirth Midwife Practitioner

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